Atelier Hotel

Atelier Hotel

A Curated Experience


Atelier is an upscale boutique hotel located in the residential district of Asokoro, Abuja. The hotel seeks to meet the needs of the modern traveller while providing a uniquely luxurious and curated sensory experience to surprise and delight you. They strive to present guests with the very best in contemporary art, design and cuisine while fostering a lively community of patrons and visitors.

Designed by architects Studio Contra Mundum, Atelier is the thoughtful reinterpretation and renovation of an existing colonial-style building which combines local sensibilities with a global outlook and mixes the old world with the new along the lines of an ‘Afro-minimalist’ aesthetic. The hotel is intended to feel like a creative and comfortable retreat, or pied a terre, while offering access to art and culture.


Room Price ($)
Deluxe Suite$155.56
Signature Suite $175
Gallery $1000

Pictures taken by Noxiae

Last Updated July 16th 2019