Noxiae was founded by Daniel Godwin in  2017 and has grown with a committed team of co-founders.

Noxiae is a hotel review platform that gives free professional and unbiased reviews on every hotel; bringing to light everything kept in the dark, therefore influencing your right choice of hotel.

We know what it feels like not knowing the nitty-gritty about a hotel until you get there and that is why as the number one hotel exposé, we have done the leg work for you having been there,  experienced, reviewed and bench-marked facilities and services rendered across various hotels – thus pointing you in the right direction.

Noxiae- trust us to point you to the right directions as we ‘get you there’ before literally getting there.

The end goal is to create a reliable and dependable platform where people get nothing but the truth.

At Noxiae our mission is to make sure that the people have enough credible and unbiased sources of information to make the right and informed decisions regarding hotel choices, based on individual needs and preferences.