Best Hotels In Lagos, Nigeria - Noxiae First Visit Review of Caesar's by TLC  at the Lekki Coliseum

Best Hotels In Lagos, Nigeria – Noxiae First Visit Review of Caesar’s by TLC at the Lekki Coliseum

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The Lekki Coliseum has the idea of being the one stop for all things events on the island in Lagos. With state of the art even centers, a cinema hall and a hotel, you pretty much have all your entertainment and business needs taken care of here.

The Hotel wing of the Lekki Coliseum is called Caesars by TLC and features three classes of rooms, the Classic, Deluxe and Executive the amenities (which we detail on the hotels profile page) are the same but the major difference is the size and in the breakfast plans that scale up as the quality of the room increases.

Deluxe Room

Executive Room

Classic Room

The hotel boasts an exquisite lounge that can host “night club” themed events, the lighting is great and the ambiance is feel good.

While I was at the place, there we multiple events going on and the hotels accommodated each one privately, with the event hall (pictured below) for smaller gathering and the Sky lounge also pictured blow (on the right) for much bigger events.

The idea of the photoscape center is to make sure they handle your events, pictures and the whole media package, which isn’t a bad idea to keep the pre and post event dealings with one company. Personally I think it’s a good idea, from lodging in the hotel to getting makeup and pictures handled by them.

A little disappointing was the size of the pool and the lack of a lifeguard, on site or on call. For a hotel this big or classy, it might be a necessity to have someone watching the pool.

Also, the cinema hall doesn’t show new movies which is a bummer but they let you bring custom flicks and rent the place out for a token fee.

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