Best Hotels In Lusaka, Zambia - Noxiae Hotel Review: Protea Hotel Lusaka Tower

Best Hotels In Lusaka, Zambia – Noxiae Hotel Review: Protea Hotel Lusaka Tower

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The Protea towers hotel is a luxurious and business savvy hotel by Marriott. it operates with a mobile check in app (optional) that which gives mobile alerts when room is made ready by room service. It has a total of 137 rooms, 2 conference rooms and 4 boardrooms.

The environment of the hotel proves that it truly operates for both leisure and corporate guests.  its serene nature, modern hotel facilities and entertainment guarantee 100 percent relaxation and chill to its visitors.

It boasts of king size beds and large room spaces.  we can confirm these are one of the largest beds and room space you will find among the hotels in Lusaka.  This hotel has a 5 star customer service that is readily helpful as we have confirmed and 3 classes of rooms in its 137 rooms in total .

Its rooms come with very spacious showers and an ironing board.  what you find complimentary in your fridge Is water which is made and bottled personally by the hotel.

Water hygiene is very key to good health  so we found this genuinely attractive during our time at the hotel.

What to note;

The cloud9 roof top bar

The swimming pool on the top floor ( due to the height, it gets extremely cold there)

Comfortable lobby lounge


The steakhouse- Dining area

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