Best Hotels In Lagos, Nigeria- Noxiae Hotel Review: First Visit and Review Of Legend Hotel

Best Hotels In Lagos, Nigeria- Noxiae Hotel Review: First Visit and Review Of Legend Hotel

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Legend hotel is a for lack of a better word, legendary hotel around its area, the airport Ikeja. Boasting a private jet hangar and high class amenities, legend aims to provide luxury services to business men on the go. Located not to far from the airport in Lagos, it’s part of the Curio Collection by Hilton and this hotel lives up to that name.

It’s like the hotel owners want you to be reminded that they have a hangar as most of the rooms feature a view of the hangar from different angles. The hotel features two main classes of rooms; suites and guest rooms that then have three sub classes each; King Classic, King Deluxe, Two Bed Queen Classic, Two Bed Queen Deluxe. The Suites are Business Suite, Deluxe Suite and Presidential Suite.

In the Guest Room class, the difference are minor, size and the amount of beds in the double bed rooms. The Suites have a similar pattern but the major difference is the amenities available as the room gets more expensive.

The hotel features a standard gym with an instructor on call, a classy restaurant, “De Bull” that serves oriental and continental dishes and by the restaurant is a relaxation area that features a mini pool (no life gaurd) and a fully equipped steam room/sauna.

An impressive service the hotel provides, they do cater to the business class, is their various board rooms/meeting rooms. They have all stationary needed, projectors and speakers for conference calls. Feeding is optional and can be provided on demand.

In all the hotel carved a niche out for the elite business men and it is doing a good job keeping up that standard.

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  • Taiwo Oluwaseyi Ebenezer

    Taiwo Oluwaseyi Ebenezer

    July 27, 2019

    Good job to you guys, but, there is a need to put your service across Hotels in Ibadan as well. Because Ibadan is a major city in not just Nigeria but Africa.