Noxiae Hotel Review: First Visit And Review Of Nicon Luxury Hotel- Best Hotels In Abuja, Nigeria

Noxiae Hotel Review: First Visit And Review Of Nicon Luxury Hotel- Best Hotels In Abuja, Nigeria


The Nicon luxury is one of the oldest standing hotels in Abuja and one of the largest in size. The structure is 15-year-old with a total of 253 rooms and currently renovating to an estimated number of 500 rooms. The hotel has 6 classes of rooms; classic, superior, business, executive, ambassador and presidential. The Nicon building is very large in size, standing elegantly at the heart of the city and can be seen from a distance.

The head of public relations was our tour guide and he told us that this hotel as we can see, was built to accommodate any sort of business as we wished to know the kind of crowd they attracted. We also first hand saw their security process which they did back door by vetting into the companies and people who book to stay at their hotel. They said they do this to make sure the rest of the people in the hotel are safe and they don’t just accommodate criminals in their premises.

Form what we witnessed, we can truly tell you that the Nicon luxury hotel is privately indigenously owned, built to embrace Nigerian cultural luxury and showcasing the true Nigerian hospitality.


This is the lobby bar of the hotel where the in-house and walk in guests experience the best of relaxation over their cocktails and drinks with a live band that plays old and contemporary strictly Nigerian music. The bar opens seven days a week from 7am to 2am daily.


Opens for buffet and alacart. it offers Nigerian and continental dishes ( Mediterranean specialties) with ever friendly and experience staff ready to please and delight you.

The restaurant opens 7 days a week serving buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Closed for dinner on Friday
Closed for lunch on Saturday
Closed for dinner on Saturday
Closed for lunch on Sunday
The restaurant has a capacity of 46 sits.

One special thing this hotel also does is how they make foreigners welcome and comfortable by creating a similar atmosphere at requests for events organized by foreigners or room arrangements.

Let’s not forget the 1000 seating capacity at its conference room, lawn tennis court, pool, gym. spa, sauna, steam room, snooker table and in-house club.

2 banks within the premises with 2 ATMs, complimentary coffee, airport pick-up arrangement, care hire services and wheel-chair Facility for the disabled.

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