Noxiae Hotel Review: First Visit And Review Of Chelsea Hotel- Best Hotels In Abuja, Nigeria

Noxiae Hotel Review: First Visit And Review Of Chelsea Hotel- Best Hotels In Abuja, Nigeria

Privately owned Chelsea hotel has a total of 134 rooms. We questioned our tour guide on the reason by the name” Chelsea” and it happened to be from the name initials of the family of the owner /C.E.O of Chelsea hotel- Patrick Chidolue

The Chelsea hotel has a strictly business and diplomatic atmosphere. Quiet, serene and calm and not rowdy. Properly well space managed and set up in a way that should tell you “come in here and have your business affairs done”.

Let’s start from their amazing customer service and guest relation, please ask for Maureen in guest relation once you get into the hotel. She would literally bring life into your stay as she will be ready to assist you with checking in and to every question you may have.


This serene and quiet life hotel lies in the central area of Abuja with an Abuja jazz club event held every Friday.  They also have a spa arrangement on request with the famous Luxor spa service which treats you right in your room behind closed doors.

They really seem not to want a crowd attraction as most of their facilities are offered mainly to in house booked customers like; pool and gym

A great thing also is that the Chelsea hotel offers preference wooden floored rooms to asthmatic guests who rather not have theirs rugged.

The Chelsea hotel Abuja has 8 classes of rooms; standard, superior, executive, regal, panoramic, junior suite, ambassadorial suite, presidential suite. The panoramic room offers a 270-degree view angle from your room of the city beyond and the hotel surroundings. A very awesome feeling we must truly say


The golden ground floor hall has a maximum capacity of 500 seats and a public address system. it ranks as .one of the largest car parks of all the hotels in Abuja and let’s not forget their buffet. If there is any major advice from us about this hotel, it would be to try their buffet. They cook very and serve very tasty meals.

Another extra mile gone for you dear Noxiarians, more reviews to be added soon to aid your booking decisions.

Pictures to be added up after hotel’s brief ongoing renovation for your reliable use