Noxiae Hotel Review: First Visit And Review Of Fraser Hotel- Best Hotels In Abuja, Nigeria

Noxiae Hotel Review: First Visit And Review Of Fraser Hotel- Best Hotels In Abuja, Nigeria


Welcome to a review of one of the best hotels in Nigeria, the Fraser suites Abuja. A world luxury wining hotel, best service business apartment winner and best business hotel in Nigeria.


The Fraser is a new hotel although, Grand launched 9th may 2018 with a total of 126 rooms with kitchen  in each of its rooms, a washing machine and ironing services.

Our experience at this hotel confirmed this hotel for its luxury, clean, serene, luxurious atmosphere and cool background music. No wonder its frequently visited by diplomats and world leaders who visit Nigeria. You will be very quick to take note of their modern comfortable all imported Italian furniture around the hotel.


We wondered why and when we spoke to our tour guide, it was explained to us that indeed the Fraser hotel was of Italian nature and origins. Adds up now right? We thought the exact same thing too and even more blown at the preparation of their pizza which is just at the gazebo bar opposite the pool.

The pizza is done in a wood fire oven just the proper, native Italian way, thin, crust and tasty.

The Fraser hotel has 4 classes of rooms; studio apartment, one-bedroom apartment, two- bedroom apartment and penthouse apartment.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet is fully bookable and can be arranged for a capacity of 102 persons to serve continental and intercontinental dishes.

The hotel has a very modern sophisticated gym designed by life fitness and a pool of 5 and a half feet and 2 meters depth. A wheel facility convenience room and baby-sitting facility.

The best thing about Fraser hotel Abuja is its security which Noxiae vetted well and paid attention to.

Registration of cars, tagging of cars, phone numbers of each car driver in the premises, metal detectors for explosives and fire arms (color-coding), liquid heat detectors for liquid explosives and bomb detectors. Alarm button in its elevator with keycard access. Note that the elevator wont literally move without being accessed and swiped by a registered card issued to you by the hotel.

We went the extra mile for you guys again and we hope you enjoyed this and it assists you in making that perfect hotel booking.

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