Noxiae Hotel Review : First Picture Review Of Nordic Hotel – Best Hotels In Abuja, Nigeria

Noxiae Hotel Review : First Picture Review Of Nordic Hotel – Best Hotels In Abuja, Nigeria


What comes to your mind when you hear the word “Nordic”?  a highlight to Scandinavia roots. This hotel which we considered to be one of the best hotels in Abuja, convinced us with its all white painted walls denoting its Danish roots where it snows, all Scandinavian furniture in all its 46 rooms and cool calm atmosphere close to the feel of heaven.


We often wondered if we were in a hotel or a home because the Nordic hotel boasts of a homely feeling and surroundings and it’s no surprise it’s filled with a lot expatriates because they maintain a serene, calm and cool atmosphere.




They seem to be very cautious of their target market and who they attract as we found mini round tables in their lobby which their manager noted to us was provided so their guests can have a quick brainstorm session just before they set out. Very awesome thought if you ask us. These guys went the extra mile to comfort and thinking outside the box.


There are 4 classes of rooms; Standard single, standard double, deluxe and Nordic suites.

You will be quick to notice the swagger of the front desk with their well-dressed and mannered receptionists just doing a thing or two on their I-macs.


You will also take note on arrival the 5-star security in place with cctv and security cameras at every turn and crooner.

Let’s not leave out the fact that all rooms are non-smoking except at the single double which possesses a balcony for that function.


You won’t find the pool, spa and gym at the corners, no you won’t. It’s in another level, it’s in their BLUE CABANA, another part of the hotel accessed only to booked guests.



A mind-blowing atmosphere. A top hotel. Reviewed by Noxiae and one of the best in Abuja, Nigeria.