Noxiae Featured in the Business Section Punch Nigeria

Noxiae Featured in the Business Section Punch Nigeria

Good day people, we at Noxiae are glad to bring to you an excerpt of the interview done with Punch Nigeria. The link to the full article is down below

Daniel Godwin, 25, is the Managing Director of Noxiae. He speaks with WILLIAMS BABALOLA on his career and other issues

What is your educational background?

I have a Bachelor in Insurance Business from the University of Lagos. I also have a Certificate of Proficiency in System Management and I am a member of the Chartered Insurance Institute of Nigeria.

What services does your company, Noxiae, render?

Noxiae is an online platform that provides hotel experiential reviews, up-to-date information on hotel facilities with dates, videos and pictures as well as private consultation services to help busy people make the right decisions with their available budget and preferences in hotel bookings. fills up the review space in the Nigerian hospitality niche as it believes in proper standards, service and security. We provide information on the hotels along with their contact details. We also review the hotels; we go there firsthand to get pictures and videos to aid our reviews. You make better decisions with all the information provided on our website. This firsthand insight into each hotel helps you to make better choices for the future. Noxiae offers the best trip advisory services to all who choose to book the right hotel and guide them in making the right choices. We cater to Nigerian locals and visiting tourists who need to book a hotel that suits their budget and preferences, and meets any additional special requirement.

When did you decide to start up your business and why? was introduced in 2017.  The idea was conceived while researching the Nigerian hospitality sector. I spent most of my time in the university brainstorming on solutions to basic Nigerian problems. By the time I graduated and underwent my youth service, I had done a lot of intensive research because I knew it was time to change the world. I found a niche in the sector which I personally thought was a problem that ought to be solved immediately for the Nigerian people: a reliable, unbiased, incorruptible platform that features hotels properly vetted, thoroughly reviewed, and not found wanting as regards quality standards, good security, proper customer service, and transparency.


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